New Vaporizing Technology

Unlike conventional wire-wick vaporizers, the NERO technology uses a thin inert* nickel-alloy plate operating at 800 degrees Centigrade when it is energized; this is the self-cleaning mode. At this temperature it glows red hot vaporizing any residual organic byproducts. When a liquid or wax is placed on the plate, it instantly cools down to 200 to 300 deg. C, at which the material vaporizes, and then returns to the self-cleaning mode, when the material is depleted.
The metal plate can be pressed into a number of shapes including bowls, cups, tubes, cones, or cylinders, to accommodate various products and vaporizer designs. And although wicks are not necessary, due to the plates' larger active area, compared to a wire-coil, its power density is five times lower than that of a coil, thus reducing the possibility of combustion of the wick, when the material is depleted. Thus wicks may also be used, with the NERO technology, and still offer a superior product, compared to the wire-wick elements.
And despite the thin plate's fragility, it has been shown to operate for hundreds of hours without deterioration, when physical contact is avoided, unlike the wire-coil, which requires daily maintenance and is subject to clogging and damage.
*Astra, is a USA made thin nickel alloy plate, formulated specifically to operate at temperatures exceeding 800 deg. C for long lifetime. It undergoes a rigorous chemical analysis, for each batch, to ensure it contains no hazardous materials or compounds. The Astra material, is also analyzed by an independent laboratory, to guarantee that no hazardous gases are evolved during its operation, when used according to the instructions provided with the product. More specific information will be provided upon request.

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Yocan Products With Nero Technology

Nero Technology coils are used with Yocan Products.
Yocan Exgo W-series (W1, W2, W3, W4), Thor, Thor Beta, Ultron, 5 Shooter, and upcoming vaporizers.
All Products are available in our online store: